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Umbrian Carnival dessert The most typical dessert of the Carnival in Italy is the Frappe! I know that in many parts of Italy The frappe are called Chiacchiere, and certainly there are many others  names, but the original recipe is one: the following. For people who prefer a...

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Castagnaccio It is a delicious cake that I usually make in the fall. The Castagnaccio is a typical dessert autumnal based on chestnut flour, pine nuts, raisins and rosemary. Although this is a simple dish of country tradition being the chestnut spread in the countryside, inexpensive and...

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Red Eggplant from Rotonda

Yesterday in my vegetable shop I found a strange red eggplant. I read “ melanzane rosse di Rotonda ( Basilicata, Potenza). Even if I go on holiday in Basilicata from a long time (in  Acquafredda di Maratea, a magic place in the Tirrenian sea) I never...

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