Italian Food & Recipes

Lentils soup

The Castelluccio Lentils from Valnerina Umbria

The Castelluccio Lentils from Valnerina From the Valnerina region emerges an ancient and prized treasure, boasting remarkable nutritional qualities and a distinctive flavor. The Castelluccio di Norcia lentil, proudly bearing the IGP mark, finds its roots in the Castelluccio plain for cultivation. However, the geographical scope of the...

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torta caprese

Torta Caprese

Torta Caprese The Torta Caprese, as suggests the name, is a delight of chocolate and almonds typical of the island of Capri, near Naples. The Torta Caprese is a low cake of dark chocolate and almonds, crunchy true blood watch online free outside and soft inside. The origin...

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Torcolo di San Costanzo

Perugia 29th January On January 29, returns to the traditional feast of San Costanzo, patron saint of the Perugia.  He was the  first bishop, was buried outside of the city’s Roman walls after his decapitation in the 3rd century. Celebrations start the night before his feast day,...

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fry artichokes

Fried Artichokes

Fried ARTICHOKES A delicious and irresistible appetizer according to the Umbrian and Tuscan recipe. Recipe of Fried artichoke Ingredients: – 4 Artichokes – Flour – 2 eggs – Salt – Oil for frying Preparation: First clean the artichokes. Cut the stem leaving 3-5 cm attached to the artichoke, remove the outer leaves and dark green,...

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maritozzi mosto

Maritozzi with mosto

Maritozzi with mosto (Marriages with grapes must) Maritozzi are soft, sweet, yeast buns with raisins. Traditionally for newly wed husbands to offer these small cakes to their wives, thus the name “maritozzo” or “ marriages”. They are typical of Lazio but the Maritozzi with grape mus...

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potatoes fennel

Potatoes with wild fennel

Potatoes with wild fennel Ingredients: – 4 large potatoes (1.5 kg total) – grated Parmesan cheese – wild fennel – 1 sprig rosemary – 3-4 sprigs thyme – 3-4 sprigs fresh oregano – 1 clove of garlic – Sale q.b. – Ground pepper q.b. – Extra virgin olive oil 50 ml Preparation: Start by washing the potatoes well...

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Autumn: in the garden is the time of pomegranate! Now is its moment of glory, when hanging from its branches rose-red fruits that look like large apples from the romantic winter colors in the middle of a beautifully golden foliage. It ‘a historical presence, a good...

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figs with wine

Figs with red wine

Figs with red wine, vanilla, honey and cinnamon September is the month for excellence of figs: sweet fruits with delicate taste. They originate in Orient and then through the Persians came to Greece to spread throughout the Mediterranean basin. The figs in red wine sauce, are a delicious...

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This fantastic sweet Umbrian was traditionally given by the girls “of marriageable age” to their lovers on Easter Sunday. It’s also a sweet symbolic: the mignon sweets yellow, green and blue represent, respectively, the ripe wheat, pastures of the mountains and the waters of Lake...

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