Cooking Class + Olive oil Tour

One Full Cooking Day in Italy, Umbria

In Umbria Extra virgin olive oil is called “the Green Gold” . Our region is probably the region with the best olive oil quality in all of Italy.
Olive oil has been produced in Umbria for more than two thousand years. It was introduced into this area probably around the 6th century BC, and then spread throughout most of peninsular Italy.
In 1998, Umbria was the first Italian region to obtain the DOP (Protected Designation of Origin or DOP) quality mark from the European Union for the extra virgin olive oil produced throughout the territory.
This experience includes a visit to a farm producing extra virgin olive oil near Bettona.


Reservations are on request for any day, year round, based upon availability, for a minimum of two people. If you are a Solo Traveller check the page Solo Travellers and contact us to discuss the date you can join in a booked group.


Details of the Cooking Program


Trip Length: 1 Day

Departure Dates: Any day! Contact us for details.

Destinations: Italy, Umbria

Activities: Culinary, Cultural exploration

Included in the price: 1 cooking class, 1 lunches from cooking class,1 half day excursion with minibus and driver



Program of Full Cooking Day in Umbria: Cooking Class and Olive Oil Tour


  • 10,30 Arrive in the country farm “la volpe e l’uva” in Perugia. Begin instruction, highlighting the history of Umbria cooking and presenting the day’s menu. Be prepared to roll up your sleeves for hands-on preparation of a glorious meal.


  • 12,30 Enjoy the fruits of your work! Eat the foods that you just created complemented by our wine and extra virgin olive oil.


  • 14.00 In the olive oil tour your guide will explain you curiosities, traditions and our oil producing methods. You will participate in an” Itinerary in Olive Oil and Food Culture“, which ends with the extraordinary art of sensory tasting. A unique experience to rediscover the sense of smell and taste, to learn, recognize and appreciate the highest quality oil. Thanks to combinations with food, you will discover how quality oil can enhance the flavors of even the simplest dishes. After the tour you will have free time to visit the village of Bettona.
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