Let’s Cook in Umbria Cookbook

“Sprinkle with flour”

22 Traditional Recipes and Pasta Shapes


A journey into the world of fresh pasta, the food that symbolises Italian culinary culture.
A journey into the history, mythology, geography and, of course, the ingredients that make up this staple.
This book describes the techniques behind achieving perfect elastic dough, the essential tools required for shaping it and the myriad pasta varieties that can be made from it. From the elegant shapes created using versatile egg dough, such as tagliolini, tagliatelle and filled pasta, to the more “artistic” shapes made from extruded semolina and water dough, including orecchiette, trofie and busiate.

Each shape comes with an explanation of its origin and its Italian region of provenance, as well as a suggestion for a sauce that marries perfectly with its particular structure and texture.

All the recipes are illustrated and simple to follow. Useful information is included, such as the best way to cook and dress pasta, with additional recommendations for storing it and serving it at table.

This book is also a journey of recollection, because pasta shapes are often associated with special occasions and traditions, so the act of remaking them allows images and memories to resurface.

In the book the description of 19 pasta shapes illustrated with handmade drawings and 22 Traditional Recipes. Each recipe is accompanied by a beautiful photograph.

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Cookbook Let's Cook in Umbria
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