Fried Artichokes

fry artichokes

Fried Artichokes


A delicious and irresistible appetizer according to the Umbrian and Tuscan recipe.

Recipe of Fried artichoke

– 4 Artichokes
– Flour
– 2 eggs
– Salt
– Oil for frying


First clean the artichokes. Cut the stem leaving 3-5 cm attached to the artichoke, remove the outer leaves and dark green, to leave those discoveries the most tender and clear. Cut with a knife stuck the stem and base of each artichoke, revealing the soft part below.

And now, as, artichokes have a nasty tendency to oxidize rapidly, put t Drain and rinse the artichokes, dry them well with paper towels. Then pass them in flour, then in beaten eggs with a pinch of salt and then fry them in hot oil.hem to soak in acidulated water (half a lemon to a quart and a half of ‘water will do) for a few minutes.

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