Main Courses from the Kitchen of Let’s Cook in Umbria

You will discover the world of the meat by focusing on the techniques of preparation and cooking of both white and red varieties, two parallel universes, which often meet. These are some of the recipes that you will do in our cooking classes.



  • Umbrian Meatloaf with pine-seeds and dry grapes;
  • Rabbit with wild herbs;
  • Salmi of guinea fowl;
  • Pork loin with grapes and Juniper
  • Pork with pears and Pecorino cheese
  • Rabbit “all’arrabbiata”
  • Chicken ” alla cacciatora”;
  • Chicken roller with Umbrian Ham ;
  • Stuffed Vegetables;
  • “Saltimbocca alla romana”
  • Chicken rollers with sausage and orange


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