First Courses from the Kitchen of Let’s Cook in Umbria

A journey into the preparation of the symbol of Italian diet: pasta.
The dry and fresh versions will alternate with different fillings and combinations of sauces inspired both by tradition and fantasy.
Either fresh or egg pasta, adapt well to many cooking styles or as a basic ingredient of Italian-style soups. These are some of the recipes that you will do in our cooking classes.


  • Homemade Pasta with and without eggs (Tagliatelle, strangozzi, maltagliati, pappardelle, spagnetti,);
  • Gnocchi;
  • Ravioli;
  • Lasagne;
  • Risotto;
  • Polenta;
  • Lentil soup;
  • Pasta and chickpeas;
  • Pasta and beans;
  • Soup with spelt;
  • Orecchiette
  • Homemade spaghetti
  • Stuffed gnocchi
    *the sauce for the pasta will be do used fresh and seasonal products.


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