Olive Harvest – Olive Picking in Italy

5  Days Accommodation, cooking classes and Tours
from 23 to 27 October 2022


Participate in the Olive Harvest and enjoy the fruits of the Umbria region, near Tuscany (Italy) – cooking and eating local foods, drinking area wines, and soaking up the rural beauty of Umbria while staying in a beautiful farmhouse just five minutes from the historic centre of Perugia.
The Olive Harvest is a unique opportunity to participate in an autumnal ritual that is essential to Italy’s agrarian and culinary interests. Olive oil production, as wine production, has been an important economic resource since Etruscan Times. The region of Umbria and Tuscany with its hills, grounds, and climate allow the olive trees to grow and produce superior quality olives with low acidity.

The olive oil is obtained through a simple process of pressing chilled olives that are found in the foot hills of Umbria (Italy).
Participating in this holiday package you will experience the olive harvest and the transformation of olive into extra virgin olive oil. In the farm will know the different kinds of olive tree that characterize the oil from Umbria, will participate in the olive harvest that is still carried out by hand and visit a traditional mill where you’ll see the transformation of the olive in oil. Most important thing you will taste our new oil !


Details of the Olive Harvest Cooking Package


Trip Length: 5 Days / 4 Nights

Departure Dates: from 23 to 27 October 2022

Destinations: Italy, Umbria, Bevagna, Assisi, Deruta.

Activities: Culinary,  Olive Picking, Cultural exploration



Day by Day Itinerary of the Tour


  • Day 1 – Arrive
    Arrival at the country farm “La volpe e l’uva” (Central Italy, Umbria, near Tuscany) . Check-in your apartment at 4:00pm. Dinner reservations can be made at a restaurant of your choice. We can arrange transfers to and from the airport on request.


  • Day 2 –  Olive harvest + Olive Oil Tour in Bevagna
    Morning. In the morning olive harvest in the farm and traditional lunch.
    The group will have a tour in the country side around the farmhouse to see the several species of olive trees growing in the farm. During the harvest the olive picking is done by hand or through mechanical means which do not damage the olives.  You will learn what to do in just a few minutes and as you work in a small team there will always be someone to guide you. Olive picking begins with the careful spreading of nets under the trees in order to collect the crop, you then comb or knock the olives down – easy and very satisfying to do. Often this will involve climbing a ladder in order to reach the higher branches. If you don’t fancy this don’t worry – there are plenty of opportunities to work from the ground and no shortage of willing volunteers to scale the heights! Olive trees are very obliging and there are plenty of branches to hang onto while you work.
  • Afternoon.  Bevagna, the Roman “Mevania”, is a little fascinating gem that retains most Roman monuments in the Umbrian Valley.  In the main Piazza, one of the finest medieval squares in Umbria, there are the two 12th century Romanesque churches, St. Michael and St. Silvestro.
    You will visit the village and  the Antico Frantoio Nunzi. In the Tour we helps you to discover all the phases of the olive pressing process and the secrets for a good extra virgin olive oil.  After seeing the machinery, you sit at a table and the tour guide will serve you different types of extra virgin olive oil of local production.


  • Day 3 – Cooking + Assisi
    Morning. Hands-on cooking lesson starts around 10:00 am. You will prepare a four course lunch. For lunch you will eat on your creations accompanied by our wine.
    Afternoon. You will visit the mystical city of Assisi, a beautiful medieval town based on Mount Subasio, overlooking a peaceful Umbrian landscape. The tour will allow to get to know the main landmarks where st. Francis lived. You can see the st. Francis Basilica whose superior walls were frescoed by Giotto and Cimabue. You will also visit the Eremo delle carceri, one of the oldest Franciscan convents. Professional Guide in the Tour


  • Day 4 – Cooking + Ceramic and wine Tour
    Morning. Hands-on cooking lesson starts around 10:00 am. You will prepare a four course lunch. For lunch you will eat on your creations accompanied by our wine.
    Afternoon. You will visit a Ceramic Laboratory in Deruta where the majolicas are completely handmade. Deruta ceramics are a milestone in the history of Italian pottery. They gained worldwide fame during the Renaissance thanks to their creative and qualitative excellence. Their high quality products keeps the tradition alive and evokes the classic decorations of the various periods of Deruta. The production cycle is completely carried-out within the company and rigorously worked by hand in all its phases.
    Then you will have a wine tour in a Winemakers Company near Perugia. It is a vineyard under family management, which with special care from their very own vines, produces D.O.C. Colli Perugini and IGT dell’Umbria white, red and rosè wines.


  • Day 5- Departure



More about the COOKING CLASSES
Read what MEALS are included in the Cooking Program
More about your ACCOMMODATION in the farm



The prices are for single travelers  (single occupancy) and for groups from 2 to 8 people ( double occupancy).  If your group is composed by more than 8 people send me your request and we will send you the best price!
It is also possible to bring along a non-participating partner who can spend the morning enjoying the surroundings, and could then join the group at lunchtime. Non-participating guests are welcome on the excursion and can use all the facilities at the farmhouse and join all the meals, just not the actual cooking classes.


Solo travelers

Participating guest, single occupancy 1250 euro

Group from 2  to 3 people Participating guest, double  occupancy in 1 apartment ( 2 people) and in 2 apartments (3 people) 1100 euro

Group of 4  people Participating guest, double  occupancy in 2 apartments 970 euro
Group from 5 to 6 people Participating guest, double occupancy in 3 apartments 880 euro
Group from 7 to 8 people Participating guest, double occupancy in 3 apartments 800 euro

Non-participating guest, double occupancy 800 euro


If you are a group of people and you want to have single occupancy ( 1 person in 1 apartments) the single supplement is 150 euro.



  • Accommodations in the apartment of the farmhouse “la volpe e l’uva” in Perugia
  • breakfasts (in your apartment you will find coffee, milk, biscuits, jams, butter and sugar)
  • 2 cooking classes of approximately 4 hours,
  • 2 Four course meal from the cooking lesson;
  • 1 Lunch after the olive harvest;
  • Umbrian wines during meals, liquors for after dinner/lunch;
  • Certificate of participation;
  • Folder with all the recipes;
  • Apron of Let’s cook in Umbria.
  • Tours as indicated in the itinerary
  • 1 morning of olive harvest in the farm.

If for climatic reasons it will be impossible to do the Olive Harvest, another cooking class will be added in the Program.

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