New Year’s Eve Vacation Packages  in Italy

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New Year Vacation Packages

Amazing New Year’s Eve Vacation Package in Italy: 2023/2024

5 Day Culinary Package: 3 Cooking Classes and 3 Tours to live the New Year’s Eve Traditions in Italy from 28 December to 1st January


The New Year’s Eve Vacation packages is coinciding with a magical time to travel in Italy. Our amazing New Year’s Eve  Vacation Package is designed so everyone enjoys the holidays in Italy.
Book your New Year package, it is the perfect vacation for families, couples, solo travelleres and groups of friends


6 Reasons to join our exclusive New Year’s Eve Vacation Package


 1 – FALLING IN LOVE WITH THE UMBRIA LANDSCAPE – Rolling green hills, olive groves, vineyards, dancing wheat and cyprus treesmdefine the Umbrian landscape. Set within this idyllic landscape you will find old churches and monasteries, pastures, and medieval hill towns to explore.


2 – THE LOVELY HILLTOP VILLAS IN THE ANCIENT UMBRIA Assisi, Gubbio, Perugia, Città della Pieve and more.


3 – THE COOKING EXPERIENCE AND THE UMBRIA CUISINE – hands on cooking classes to prepare traditional winter recipes. Our cuisine is simple: authentic food served with pride. Savor the heirloom legumes, artisan charcuterie made from free-range pork, hand-rolled tagliatelle pasta tossed with ragù, tangy sheep and goat cheeses, and foraged mushrooms and greens.


4 – THE CHRISTMAS TRADITIONS – Nativity Scenes, Christmas trees, Music, Christmas Markets, lights and food.


5 – THE UMBRIAN WINE – The wines in Umbria are exclusive, the Sagrantino di Montefalco is the rarest and most famous Umbrian wine in the world. It is made only from 100% Sagrantino grapes from Montefalco: the microclimate gives a peculiar flavour to these grapes.


 6 – THE NEW YEAR’S EVE IN PERUGIA: Celebrate the New Year’s Eve in Perugia city center where you will have the New Year Eve dinner in a wonderful  restaurant. Here you will see the spectacular and multi-coloured fireworks explode across the city skyline at midnight.



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New Year’s Vacation Packages  – COOKING VACATION IN ITALY

from 28 December to 1st January –  for solo travelers, couples and group of friends


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