Nero di Norcia

nero di norcia

Nero di Norcia

National Exhibition of Black Truffle of Norcia and Typical Products

Norcia, 21-22-23 February and 28 February-1 March 2, 2014


The most important art – agro-food exhibition sector in Umbria, invites everyone to immerse themselves in its striking landscape of exploration and delicious taste. “Nero di Norcia”, the 51st edition of the National Exhibition of Black Truffle and typical products, returns to bring the public closer to the flavors and genuine knowledge of the place and to discover the gastronomic delights of the other Italian regions.
The famous festival dedicated to “King of the Truffle” will try to impress its visitors.


Among sausages and cured meats and cheese tasting and truffles, visitors will have the opportunity to take part in moments of reflection and discussion at a high level on the issues most important economy of this territory: the preservation of the truffle in the legislation and in the national and regional levels for the protection of gastronomic jewels of the Nera Valley, from the application of disciplinary quality from the exhibition of local products and cultural tourism.

There will be meetings of the precious black diamond-tasting table, including the search for new and skilled culinary combinations. In rich basket of proposals there will also events such as painting and photography exhibitions, theatrical performances, photo contests, live demonstrations of the cheese, pork and even wrought iron.
Other initiatives are planned twinning with other gastronomic Italian reality, always towards the enhancement of typical and quality, and exhibitions at the palace of Castellina.
The great feast of typical gastronomic traditions and local
culture is waiting for you.

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