Maritozzi with mosto

maritozzi mosto

Maritozzi with mosto

Maritozzi with mosto (Marriages with grapes must)

Maritozzi are soft, sweet, yeast buns with raisins. Traditionally for newly wed husbands to offer these small cakes to their wives, thus the name “maritozzo” or “ marriages”. They are typical of Lazio but the Maritozzi with grape mus are typical of Umbria.

Must is the freshly pressed juice from grapes before it is fermented and made into wine. In the traditional cuisineis used as sweetening ingredient because of its high sugar content.

We had the grape harvest in the farm the last days and a lot of must available

Recipes of the Maritozzi with mosto

Ingredients (15 maritozzi average):

– 800 gr. flour
– 150 gr. sugar
– 100 gr. of raisins
– Zest of 1 lemon
– 50 gr. of yeast
– 400 ml. of white must
– 50 gr. of extra virgin olive oil


Heat three tablespoons of juice, (removed from the total of 400 ml.)
put half cube of yeast, dissolve and let rise, covered for about 2 hours.
Put the raisins in warm water for a few minutes, then drain it and squeeze it well.
Dissolve the yeast in warm water remained.
In the bowl for kneading, put the flour, sugar, ‘raisins, grated lemon zest, the juice,
baking powder and mix everything well.
Let rise covered until doubled.

It takes small balls of dough about 100 gr. , Working them well and make an oval shape, classical maritozzi.
Maritozzi put in a baking sheet covered with parchment paper, spaced between them.
Cover with a towel and let rise again until doubled.

Bake at 180 degrees and cook for 20-30 minutes.

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